Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Action Plan

During the summer of 2009, after having freshly graduated from university, I was ready and eager to take on the world. Ready to travel to all the exotic locations that I'd seen on the Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and well, The Food Network, to name a couple. 

A lucky last minute job at an English summer school opened a new window. I met all these fascinating people who had travelled to more places then I had heard of, funded by working as an EFL teacher. That's when a light bulb appeared above my head, shortly followed by a cloud that said "Hey, this could be your golden hen" 

Fast forward through a trip to Morocco and the decision to apply for a CELTA, I was in Poland studying and working for this certificate that would open all the doors for me. Fast forward again through the month of toil (hardly), a trip to Amsterdam, and a short stint as a P.A, I was in Taiwan, ready to indulge in the culture as fast as I could consume it.

So, I have been in Taiwan now for almost 8 months. 

And... What have I done...? 

I haven't left Taiwan...

So, I have decided that I must put things back in order and prioritise.

Right now, this period of my life is dedicated to travel. To experience as many cultures as I can and learn more about the planet. Therefore, I must not be tempted by the lure of lucrative jobs like the ones my friends have. Lead a frugal life, feeling fullness of culture, worldliness and wisdom. 


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