Monday, 18 April 2011


So it's almost the end of lent, only 5 more days!!!!!

This year, as I have for the past four years now, I have given up meat and it's been going well!

But then I thought, you know, it's been a bit too easy.
So in looking for a new challenge, I also merged another goal of mine which is to lose 15lbs.

A couple of my friends have just begun a low carb diet this week so I thought I would give that a shot. Lent round 2 if you will.

I thought I would at least wait until the end of lent to give myself a fair chance. Giving up two delicious forms of happiness at one time is unrealistic for anyone.

It hit me today that I have no idea what I would eat once this low carb nonsense starts so I decided to try and have a low carb dinner. I ended up having a salad sans dressing, an egg and a green tea. It wasn't so bad, it was yummy and I felt good about myself.
An hour and 17 minutes later I had scoffed a packed of chocolate digestives and bought my first loaf of bread this year with full intention of eating the whole thing by tomorrow.

This is going to be tough.


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