Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Living the dream in España!

3 months ago, I climbed in to the mouth of Britannia in the hope that a job would just land on my lap. Today she spits me back out for my arrogance and complacency.

And where should I go? Where nearly 400,000 other Brits have moved to - Spain!

The country might be in the grip of an economical crisis, but it doesn't appear to have hindered it's EFL industry.

That's what the EFL teachers I've spoken to have said anyway.

Unemployment is currently at 8% in the UK, that's 2.65 million people without a job. That's the lowest it's been all year. (Thank you Olympics)

Yet Spain's is at 25%! 
That's the highest in Europe for the fourth year in a row.

So isn't it a bit backwards to be leaving the UK and getting a job in a country that is struggling to keep itself running?

What's wrong with the UK? Well, nothing. The difference here is whether you'd be willing to be under-employed in one place over the other.

I'm teaching English in Spain because it's beautiful, sunny and well, what else do you need? The rent is cheap and the lifestyle is laid back (Sangria anyone?) It's a cheap flight home and you're surrounded by historic architecture and the beach is not far away.
Your salary here can provide you a pretty comfortable standard of living and it's easy to save a little at the end of each month.


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