Sunday, 21 October 2012

Flightless Bird

Autumn has announced it's arrival!

The leaves are changing colour and littering the landscape, and the weather is decidedly colder.

Mandarins, pears and pumpkins are in season. Whispers of who's wearing what for Halloween.

Scarves are seen, hats and gloves will be soon, jackets seeing daylight for the first time since summer.

A timid sun plays peek-a-boo through the leaves.

The world has turned in to a blend of browns, oranges and reds.

Oh Chicago, I miss you.
For many it's their favourite season, and it's not difficult to see why.
Autumn turns the world a sentimental sepia.
My most beautiful Autumn was in America. All these photos were taken in 2007 when I lived Chicago and a couple from a camping trip I took in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I have such happy memories of that time.

Autumn also brings the chill with it. And on those days when your brain is running slower than usual, and you're feeling a bit under the weather in general,
where do you seek comfort?

A mug of hot tea?
A long hot bath with scented oils?
A movie under the duvet?
Junk food?
A cosy nap?

Maybe even all of these over the course of a day.

I've been having such a day, and I've found comfort in sound. Snuggled under the duvet listening to this playlist on 8tracks.

Pop it on, close your eyes and close the door on the world with all it's worries.

It's a 31 minute mental massage for a tired and tightly wound brain that's got too much on it.

Before it's done, you'll have more clarity to face the responsibilities that don't care how you're feeling unless you're in the hospital. 

My first and last pumpkin carving!

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