Friday, 3 June 2011

Au Revoir La Cottonade

Charlotte left us this weekend and has gone to the sunny island of Australia before heading back to her home country of France. 
Then she will be working in Montreal with a marketing firm and meeting the people behind the magic of Cirque Du Soleil. 

My jealousy may contaminate this entire post.

Her leaving party was epic to say the least. Started with a pool party at her beautiful but distant apartment in Banqiao, followed by some KTV. While we figured we'd do KTV for about 2 hours, it turned in to an all night event which we finished at 3am! We didn't even have time to go to a club as they were all closing! We ended up chilling out outside a 7-11 until the police moved us on and we chatted way in to the morning. 

Ah Charlotte, always ready to have a good time, forever cheerful, optimistic and carefree. An alcohol induced kleptomaniac and great friend. I, and everyone who knew you in Taiwan will miss you greatly!


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