Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it

The day has finally come! 

Yes, I knew it would come eventually, but it just always seemed so distant.  

Next week begins three new things for me.

1. Chinese lessons every morning Mon-Fri
2. New schedule at two new schools, Banqiao and Yonghe
3. I move to the new apartment in Gongguan

It's nerve racking I must admit. Not just the prospect of all these new things but how I'm going to manage my time both working and studying and also, I'm going to navigate between them. They're all so far away from each other!

Nevertheless, I'm very excited for this new chapter. Hopefully it will put some spring back in to Taiwan, which, after 15 months has become so normal. 

Time to spruce up the old routine and find a new perspective. Meet some new people (I hope my classmates are cool... I hope my new classmates are cool I hope my new classmates are cool I hope...)

It's time for a new adventure!

You only live once, and only a tiny fraction of it can be responsibly devoted to irresponsible hedonism  :)

Peace out 

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