Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What a difference a day makes

It's November

How did this happen?

The last time I wrote anything was back in September and now here we are in November. I really need to set more time aside to write. 

In the time since I last wrote, I've cycled from Taidong to Hualien, been to Green Island, and many other things. I don't know how this happens.

I had a great Halloween last weekend but unfortunately I lost my bag! So there goes my camera, my keys, my purse and my phone! So silly of me. 

I can't believe that I've only got 2 months left in Taiwan. I guess this means I should start organising my crap and planning my next move. I mean, if time keeps going by as it has been recently, I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it'll be January. The thought of leaving Taiwan makes me so sad, but at the same time I am just full of excitement for the next step, the next phase, the next destination.  I'm excited for the people I'm going to meet, the sights I'm going to see and being reminded again how beautiful the world is. 

October was a great month, full of love, laughs and adventure. 

I made more time to see friends whom I neglected in my pursuit of new things and remembered how amazing the people I've met here are. I've pushed myself, challenged myself to do things that scare me. Studying Chinese has been given me a new confidence in my own capacity to learn and given me more determination to study other languages. 

How can I leave the country which has made so many positive changes to me? 
I've learnt to be more independent, happy to be alone and cut my own trail. 
The outdoors is no longer a daunting place full of nothing but dirt, insects and uneven terrain. I want to go out! I want to get dirty and explore! Find a waterfall and jump in the plunge pool without worrying about whether it's clean or not. It's just mud. I know I couldn't have said that before. Getting sweaty is not disgusting, if I don't sweat then I didn't work hard enough. I want to be fitter so I can climb a higher mountain. 

Tell this to an 18 year old me and I would've been incredulous. Sports wear was definitely not something that was on my list of cool. 

I have a friend staying with me right now. She's been great to have here. She's a yoga instructor and actually one of the people who have inspired me to go to India for a yoga retreat. We've been doing yoga the last couple of days and it's been brilliant. We had an hour and a half session this afternoon before work and I feel fantastic! I appreciate having her here so much. She's listened to me whine and complain about the same old things patiently and always had advice. 

It's hard to say that I haven't had a blessed life. Sure I lost my bag over the weekend, but really, it's such a first world problem. I miss my phone the most. But it's material, and can be relatively easily replaced.

You know, I woke up this morning super hurt, upset and unmotivated. But now, aided by my amazing friends I feel wonderful and happy. 

I love you all. 

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