Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The List

Time to decide on some resolutions for the new year! 

  • Write this blog more regularly, infact, at least every Monday and Thursday.
  • Keep exercising.
  • Eat less sugary things.
  • Choose a path and stay on it. 

I can't think of any others  for the time being. If I do I'll add to the list!

Things that I want to have done in 2012:
  • Started on a career path.
  • Been to at least three countries and completed at least one thing on the adventure list.

The adventure list:
  • Cycle around New Zealand.
  • Muay Thai training in Thailand for 3 months.
  • Cycle Vietnam Hanoi to HoChiMinh, then motorcycle back up.
  • Drive around Australia, living in a van.
  • Yoga in India for 3 months.
  • Trek Africa.
  • Backpack across many countries.

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